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San Diego Golf Lessons
San Diego Golf Lessons:
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Golf is my passion.


I have been playing the game of golf for over 25 years and have worked in the golf industry since I was 15 years old. Currently, I am head PGA golf professional at Balboa Park G.C. in San Diego, CA and have taught since 1996. Since becoming a C.H.E.K. Certified Golf Bio-Mechanic, I have incorporated sound kinesthetic fundamentals in regards to injury free golf, to add to my traditional swing fundamentals of the past. Equally important, I am also TPI certified, (GP2,TP2, JR2). This gives me an efficient approach to golf instruction by incorporating physical screens specific to how the body works, in regards to the golf swing.

I want to share my goals and aspirations with others. I teach life's fundamentals through golf; focusing on patience, decision-making, character building, integrity, simplicity, health, nutrition, etc. (the things that feel good and awaken our senses).

The entertainment industry has also been an intricate part of my life for the past 17 years. I have created events ranging from concerts, competitions and art exhibitions. Currently, I am serving as Creation Director for A Bunch of Entertainers (a production company) and manager for FORePlay Promotions.


Teaching Philosophy




My goal is to create a relationship between student and teacher by having an enjoyable and exciting experience. It is important to inspire motivation and momentum in learning the movements and positions required for a golf swing. It is my aim to promote longevity and injury-free golf with appropriate and consistent bio-mechanics, as well as, feel.




Students should feel accomplishment and be physically, emotionally and spiritually balanced. My approach to teaching is to instruct, guide and coach foundational fundamentals (grip, posture, balance, aim, visualization, etc.). I like to stress the importance of spinal, rhythm and center of gravity consciousness. Equally relevant, I give simple information and insight in small doses, so a pupil can learn and digest a better understanding of what they are trying to accomplish. Ultimately, the student learns the essence of the game and that knowledge matches a golf swing model which fits the students’ character, personality and proprioception.


The Swing Concept:


The golf swing is a series of rhythmic movements that the body makes. When performed correctly, these movements guide the golf club in the correct path, resulting in a square club face impact — in conscious thought of eluding injury.


I want to make sure your time on the golf course is:

  • FUN and Enjoyable
  • Injury free
  • Simple
  • Focused
  • Decisive
  • Repeatable

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Abner “AB” Nevarez, PGA

Head golf professional

C.H.E.K. Golf Bio-Mechanic and Holistic Life Coach

T.P.I. Fitness Expert, level 2 GP, FP, JR



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PGA Logo


FP2 Certified



GP2 Certified



Certified JR2